LCVMA History

The LCVMA originally operated as a chapter of the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association. It later became an unincorporated association until incorporation in 1998. It has and will continue to provide the following services:

  • Promote awareness of veterinary medicine in Larimer County.

  • Through 2017:  LCVMA provided a uniform Rabies tag/licensing system for Larimer County Health Department. The Department requested that LCVMA take over this responsibility in 1991. This was not a profit-oriented service, but rather just a service that removed a burden from the government.

  • When funds are available, provide monies for veterinary student scholarships and local animal-related causes.

  • Provide a forum for local veterinarians through socialization and continuing education presentations at each meeting. These activities provide the members with additional tools to improve their individual practices.

  • Sources of financial support for LCVMA are the Larimer County rabies tag program and primarily membership dues.  Most meeting meals are sponsored by corporate entities.
  • LCVMA represented veterinarians of the area formerly known as District 2 (Larimer County) in the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA).  In December 2016, the members of LCVMA voted to remain an independent organization, rather than join CVMA as a chapter organization, under their new model.  This decision was largely due to the new model requiring that members maintain duel membership, which would incur extra cost to many of the members.
  • In 2018, LCVMA revised the by-laws and constitution to update with the modern times (e.g. electronic voting) and realign with current goals.

P.O. Box 270965

Fort Collins, CO 80527-0965

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